CoN Sketches

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Ex-Seers 010504 Seers and Elders dismissed from the realm.
Lord Zed 010219 Zed is Lord!
Order of Mercaerin 010106 A new order vows death to all who choose not to join their foul ranks.
Order of Mercaerin 010106 From left in order; Lord Lothair Maltus, Lady Kiri De'Velthun and Lord Zar'el Darkan
Blaze's Test 001202 The Golden Dragon Blaze tests the community of Skara Brae
Blaze Agrees to help 001202 The Golden Dragon Blaze agrees to help the community of Skara Brae fight the Shadow Dragon Blight
Zed and his trusty steed Wind 001111 Zed begins the complex magics to create an Ethreal horse
Aithne and Zed visit the IFC 000301 Aithne and Zed visit the Icelandic Floating Community
The Summoning Circle 000226 Zed Summons a Fire Elemental
Lolthrim's Wedding 000220 Lolthrim of DX is married.
Zed's Army 000220 This is a real screen shot. Not edited!
Tempest and BLooDY 990827 He looks like a definate genius.
Malantis 990827 Tempest's Miner.
A New Spell 990823 The most powerful spell in UO!
Zed's Dream 990823 The trouble with Moon Gates.
Isfg is GM Mage!!! 990805 Please see related Story on the Message Board.
Thanatos brings an evil Death Knight to life from a corps.
You Wont Believe This! 990722 Sir Kelamore is a 7 Time GM!!!
The Mourning of Ballad & Lyric
CoN Grieves for Anastasia's lost twins Ballad and Lyric.
The Battle for the Book of Jou'Nar 990629 CoN Defends Anastasia from the Evil Thulsa Doom.