Tour of the Freehold of Skara Brae

Let's start our walk at the southern dock next to the shipwrights building. Superior Ships is where one can find and purchase sailing vessels of all sizes. These are the finest ships made and are sure to serve you well. Maps and blank sheets are available from the mapmakers that work here. Outside this building one can find all manner of people waiting for escorts to take them to their final destination. Traveling north we pass between the Falconer's Inn and Sundry Supplies. Falconer's Inn is the only place one may find a comfortable bed in which to spend a restful night. This is where many new travelers will first find themselves when coming to Skara Brae. Sundry Supplies is the general provisioner for the selling and buying of many of the goods that move through the port of Skara Brae. The provisioners and cobblers are always available to sell you their goods or offer you a fair price for your wares. Across the street from the provisioners one will find the Bloody Bowman. The Bloody Bowman has served as the maker of archery supplies for many years . Their bows are strong enough and arrows straight enough to bring down that great hart for dinner. To the west is the Town Hall where the Council of Skara Brae debates and decides the many issues of the Freehold. Here also one will find the real estate agents and architects willing to buy or sell an abode. Meandering up the street we come to the finest tavern this side of Britain. The Shattered Skull Tavern is a boisterous place that brings together its citizens for a fine meal and hearty drink. If one finds they have had too much to drink they are kindly looked out for by the caring staff as they sleep it off in a corner. Across from the tavern is the butcher shop. Bountiful Meats caters to those who love a good side of meat. One can always find freshly killed game ready for the pot. If you had a successful hunt the butchers here will sometimes make a good offer to buy your extra meat. The Spiritwoods are not a place to travel unarmored in. For the warrior and adventurous, More Than Just Mail will ensure you are suited up in the best armor for the task at hand. Continuing our walk north we come to the bank. The Bank of Skara Brae is there to provide you a safe box in which to store your hard earned gold and supplies. There is plenty of activity around the bank and many of the fine citizens can be found telling tales of their exploits or resupplying for their next foray. But, be wary of those around you for even with the vigilant guards the brazen thief still may make a try for your purse. Near the bank to the west is the town judiciary. The Ranger's Guild is where criminals are brought to face trial before the Judiciary of Skara Brae. A small room is used to house the accused until they can be brought to trial. The monthly Town Market is held outside the guild hall usually on the last Saturday of the month. The town market provides a venue for merchants to buy and sell all manner of goods.

The true spirit of Skara Brae can be found within the fenced enclosure to the north. Ailynne's Grove pays homage to the works of the druidess Ailynne during her stay in Skara Brae. Her presence here remains and can be felt by spending a few quiet moments listening to the birds or running your fingers along the strings of the harp. Next to the grove is the stables. Beasts of Burden is the place to go if you are looking for a strong steed to carry you or your goods around. Horses and llamas are available for a fair price. Stabling of your steeds and pets is available here though sometimes space is limited. Moving on to the east we come to the banquet hall. The Counselor's Guild Hall is set up to provide plenty of tables and seating for even the largest of gatherings. Contact the Chancellor of the Gentry for assistance in planning and catering a gathering in this hall. Due south is the Farmer's Market. Here one can buy fruits and vegetables of assorted varieties. If one has pets to feed this is the place to come for hay and other pet fodder. Just beyond the Farmer's Market is the mage shop. Mage's Menagerie caters to the mystically inclined by selling reagents, scrolls, potions and other accouterments of the art. A quick jog back to the east brings us to the carpenter's workshop. Builder's Delight is a good starting place for the budding carpenter. The tools of the trade and boards to begin crafting are available here. It is here too that bards and musicians can purchase musical instruments. Tucked away in the north-east corner of town is the alchemist's shop. Mystic Treasures is a convenient place to purchase those reagents and alchemical supplies needed to perfect your skills. Just be cautious about mixing your explosive potions too near this shop as it contains highly combustible ingredients. Gore Galore is famous for the fine metal work of the late Zemaj Taldor. Before his passing he ran the shop selling finely made weapons and dabbling in stunning canvas paintings. Weapons of good quality can still be bought here, but they lack the skill and artistry Zemaj gave them. Shear Pleasure is where you will find the finest of Skara Brae fabric. Whether is is the heavy wool or light cotton weave you can find it here. The shop has a spinning wheel and two large looms if you have the skill to weave your own cloth. If you catch the merchants at the right time you can usually get a good price for your finished goods. Just across the way is the town's blacksmith. On Guard Armory is fully outfitted for those who need to craft their own weapons and armor. If you don't have the skill or the time the merchants offer a good selection of armor types and weaponry. The last shop upon the island is one I hope you will never need. The Healer of Skara Brae was started by the healer monk Aegis during the plague in the year 132. The healers here are dedicated to teaching their skill and restoring the spirit of those who have fallen. From the healers we now journey to the ferry dock where we will board the ferry to the mainland. Just tell the ferryman "I wish to cross" and he will carry you across the Misty Channel.

Upon the mainland there are many shops to browse and two taverns worth visiting. Straight down Ferry Road one will come across Joh's Creb Shek. This outdoor pub and eatery is usually open every Friday evening from 7:30 - 10:00. Serving fine ale and delicious crab cakes it is worth the stop on a casual Friday evening. If you continue traveling down the Spiritual Path towards Britain you will pass the mouth to Skara Hollow. Turning north you will come to a large patio house where you will find another gem of a tavern. The Keeled Over Pub is run by a salty old dog known as Barkeep. He brings a well prepared and generous menu every Thursday evening between 7:30 and 9:30. Each evening is usally filled with either tales from his adventures or a gathering to set out on a new adventure that people will talk about for years to come. The last place to visit upon the mainland is the home to the Rangers of Skara Brae. For centuries the Rangers have patrolled the Spiritwoods and kept the citizens safe. Taking the first road north from the docks will take you to the Ranger Hall. This large building is where the Rangers meet to swap stories and plan their next outings. Whilst wandering the territory of the Freehold if you chance upon a stalwart looking figure in a forest green cloak, give a wave and a hearty "Hail Ranger!" This concludes the tour of Skara Brae. I hope you have found it informative and maybe a little bit entertaining.

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