Common Reagents
Black Pearl

Black pearls are extremely rare. And for the purposes of magic, only perfectly spherical, unblemished black pearls suffice. These are ground into a fine powder an ignoble, yet potent end for so beautiful a stone. Black pearl is a common reagent in spells that involve travel, distance, propulsion or projection.

Blood Moss

This reddish fungus is found mainly in marshlands and swamps. It is known to focus the qualities of speed, animation and locomotion.


Few kitchens in Britannia are without this humble allium. Legends of its protective powers extend back through the mists of time, and in modern magical practice it is used in spells which protect the caster or a target and ward off or dispel a danger or evil. For purposes of magic, the bulb of the plant is washed, peeled and ground into a paste.


As a magical reagent, ginseng focuses the powers of healing and enhancement. However, its bitterness belies its restorative nature. Before it can be used in magic ritual, the root of the plant should be boiled in the freshest water, cooled and brought back to a boil in fresh water no less than forty times. With the last boiling, it is transformed into a heavy, strong-smelling syrup.

Mandrake Root

The rare and powerful mandrake inhabits the dimmest groves of dankest swamps. Once found, great care must be taken in uprooting it in order to keep the taproot intact, for the taproot is its locus of power. The exposed root is then carefully boiled and dried. Mandrake is used in spells involving strength, power and energy.


The deadly nightshade, another denizen of the swamps, was christened for its strange, waxen flowers, which only bloom at night. It should be carefully handled and prepared, for it is poisonous to the touch. For magical preparations, it is either crushed or brewed into a tea. As a reagent, nightshade focuses the powers of death, damage, poison and illusion.

Spider's Silk

Spider's silk is as common as spiders are, but as fine and light as air. Because of this, at least one ounce of it is required for a simple spell. The spider's silk concentrates the power to summon, conjure and bind.

Sulphurous Ash

This pungent ash, created by violent volcanic disturbances, recalls the fiery and explosive energies of its origin. It is uses in spells which create explosions, fire or light.