Rare Reagents
Bat Wing

For life and Creatures - now Ginseng, Blood moss and Spider's silk, serve the purpose in a more precious form. Used in an ancient magic form called thaumaturgy, they borrowed both ideas and reagents from other magic rituals. It was probably used in potions for healing. Bat wing was probably used in spells such as: Summon creature, Confusion blast (a magic form of the bards Enticement) and Devastation (probably an early experimental form of the Apocalypse spell).

In the past, this very rare reagent has been used mainly in research with life and creatures. But as the knowledge of its use has become lost over the years, other more common reagents, such as Ginseng, Bloodmoss or Spider's Silk have supplement its capacity in both Alchemy and Magery. As we are just beginning to find our ways back to Necromancy, the use of Batwing has once again gained some import. In ancient times, it was used in a lore called Thaumaturgy, which incorporated both Alchemy and Magery, but most likely was used for purposes of healing and preservation of life. Batwing is said to be used in conjunction with spells, such as Summon Creature, Confusion Blast (not unlike the Bard's Enticement) and Devastation (mayhap related to the Apocalypse spell?).


For Power - these days Mandrake root are used for the same kind of magic/alchemy. The pagan people used this reagent in their necromantic spells, an interesting note is that it consists blackrock. It was probably common in potions for strength. Magery Uses: Quake, Open ground (needless nowadays since shovels does the job just as good), Golem (old version of our earth elementals, note that it had the power to open certain doors), Withstand death (resurrection does the job), Grant peace (an ancient version of Dispel, note that it could also be used to confuse if used on the living), Meteor swarm (in the ancient books, referred to as Meteor Shower) and Devastation.


For summoning and animation, now Spider's silk and Blood moss have replaced it. Was used by the Necromancers. Probably used in potions for agility. Magery Uses: Quake, Death speak (to communicate with the ancient necromancers), Summon dead and Golem.


For power, I guess the sorcerers of the old ways "borrowed" this idea from the necromancers use of blackmoor. It's the raw material for Sulphurous ash, and so it is probably used for the same things, explosives! Magical Uses: Explosion, Armor of flames, Conflagration (a long-lost secret of the cabal, just pray that the FoA never reveals its secret), Confusion blast and Devastation. If thou'rt searching for this item, be sure to look for Bone Mages.

Demon Bone

For summoning and binding, once again a Sorcery copycat for bone, but I suspect, of greater power. It has the same attributes as bone, but I hardly think its healthy to consume daemon bones in any form. Magical Uses: Summon daemon, Banish daemon (A specialized Dispel) and Conflagration. These evil bones can be found both on Deamons and Balrons.


For power, I guess the sorcerers of the old ways "borrowed" this idea from the necromancers use of blackmoor. It's the raw material for Sulphurous Ash, and so it is probably used for the same things, explosives! Magical Uses: Explosion, Armor of flames, Conflagration (a long-lost secret of the cabal), Confusion blast and Devastation.

Dead Wood

Preservation and binding were probably the keywords for the necromancers when they used this reagent, since trees can be nearly immortal in the eyes of a human. Currently spider's silk will do the trick. Magical Uses: Mask of death (Gives the caster the appearance of death), Quake, Rock flesh (a long-lost wisdom, in some ways recreated in the spells Strength and Bless), Summon dead, Golem and Withstand death. Dead Wood can be found on Reapers. Surprised? If you cannot find a reaper, go to the Moonglow alchemy shop and pick the chest, there are more.

Vial of Dragon Blood

Great power, from a great creature. And as such its difficult to get. But the ancient thaumanturgists obviously knew how. Unfortunately its violent nature can only be used for massive destruction, and are of little use in Lord British's (controlled) land. Besides what was mentioned earlier, it can probably also be used for creating powerful explosives, but these are most likely highly unstable. Magical Uses: Destruction and Devastation. Extracting this liquid can be very simple, but slaying the dragon or drake should be the hard part.

Executioner's Cap
  Death surrounds this mushroom, the Executioner's Hood as the old necromancers called it was most likely used for poison, much the same way we use nightshade these days. Alchemically it was probably only for poison. Magical Uses: Mask of Death, Grant peace, Call destruction and Devastation. Why this piece of clothing can be found on a Corpser is not known. But many reports have told us so.
Eye of Newt
  Sight and knowledge is the theme for this odd reagent, used exclusively by the thaumanturgists. It was probably used for focus, such as night-sight or sharpen the mind. Magical Uses: Confusion blast. These are to be found on Lava Lizards or Alligators.
Fertile Dirt
  Probably used for protection by the necromancers. Since Garlic is so much more "clean" and does the job just as good, it is to be preferred. It was probably used to raise a persons ability to withstand attacks, much like the protection spell we use today. Magical Uses: Rock flesh, Golem and Meteor swarm. This Dirt can be found on Earth Elementals.
  This strange substance is fragile yet it endures the heat of the volcano. Duration is it's sign. Alchemists probably used it for agility or heat resistance potions. Magical Uses: Summon daemon, Create fire, Fire shield, Endure heat, Armor of flames, Conflagration, Confusion blast and Summon creature.
Pig Iron
  Was used for Protection by the Sorcerers, just as the necromancers used Dirt, but since the iron is of such importance in the "ordinary" world, garlic has replaced it. Most likely used in potions for protection, much like dirt. Magical Uses: Fire shield, Endure Heat, Explosion, Banish daemon, Flame bolt, Armor of flames, Conflagration, Destruction and Devastation.
  It is thrown out of the volcano and hold the magic capacity of distance. Magical Uses: Explosion, Summon daemon, Banish daemon, Extinguish, Ignite, Create fire, Flame bolt, Flash and Conflagration.
Serpent Scale
  This creature is by nature destructive and this represents separation as well. The thaumanturgists used this frequently in their magic rituals. Naturally it was most likely used for poison or perhaps even explosives. Magical Uses: Confusion blast, Destruction, Devastation and Meteor swarm. This can be found on Sea and Giant Serpents and Snakes.
Vial of Blood
  Blood is the essence of life, and therefore the necromancers used it in spells with movement or animation. Although the alchemists don't enjoy it, its fairly easy to guess that it was used mostly for agility potions, since it has so much in common with Blood moss. Magical Uses: Quake, Death speak, Summon dead, Open ground and Golem. This artifact can oft be found on Blood Elementals.
Volcanic Ash
  The refuse of the volcano has the property of creating the initial spark of fire (literally translated). As mentioned Sulphurous ash covers our needs for explosives, but its likely that a greater explosive can be created with Volcanic ash, the problem is finding a volunteer to try it. Magical Uses: Explosive, Summon daemon, Banish daemon, Create fire, Fire shield, Ignite, Flame bolt, Flash, Conflagration, Destruction and Meteor swarm.
Wyrm's Heart
  No known history. It can be found on an Ancient Wyrm.