A Ghost Story

Tis true that I not be a man given to dread. In my years I have touched terrible magic. I have looked into the very eyes of a colossal and Ancient Wyrm and yet...

*muses and looks at the stars over the Misty Channel*

I saw Hollo! And what's more, it spoke to me! I had heard the story of course. Every child that lives near the Spirtwood has heard the story.

*strokes a gray beard*

The thing said "Dread me" and disappeared

I was a young man not yet a mage when I was skillful at talking with spirits. It took some time for the words to dawn on me.

I took several steps back unable to utter a sound. As me staff of healing started to fall the bloody thing did appear again. When it spoke a second time I was able to discern the words almost as they were spoken.

" I seek the rangers child " it said in a voice that came from every direction. Me staff was still in me hand. I was relieved that I had not dropped it.

On the third apparition it said " Bar not my way " All I could stammer was an almost unintelligible "Hollo"

" I will be reborn, for all the undead aid me " I could hear the last of it's chilling words but the ghost was gone. I did not see it again.

For a time it staggered me that the story was true. That the descendants of the Ranger Lord Perlak Pongrin (even the babes) would be haunted by Hollo. Twas then that I knew dread. There be nothing so dreadful as a child in fear.

Just then I was filled with a flesh crawling need to be out of the Spirtwood. In a flash of magic I returned to me northern tower. As I sat alone in the library with an ale I reconciled meself to the fact that there would be no sleep this night.