The Tale of Angus McKey

    As told by Captain Sam






Tis the Tale of Angus McKey and Skara Brae's Spring Bazaar

Tis many years ago that the Citizens of Skara Brae received a boon from Lord British

              Skara Brae,
              Heed the words of Lord Sevn, Captain of My Guard.
              Soriasa is in great need.  Fore the Battles with Evil
              continue.  The Great Army of Britannia needs supplies.

              All roads are being patrolled by the forces of Evil, supply
              by the sea is the only way.  Send bows and bolts, and
              bandages to heal the wounded.

                                                                   Lord British
                                                                   18th of March

With only this torn parchment, the Citizens of Skara Brae were drawn into the battles with evil.

Captain Angus and a young Ranger, named Leeward organized the citizens of Skara Brae to the defense of Soriasa, both Craftsman and common Citizens alike. with in 12 hours of the receipt of boon from Lord British, four ships set sail from Skara Brae to aid the Army's of Lord British.

Each ship was filled to the rails with bows and bolts, bandages and food. Hundreds of items each made by the hands of a Craftsman or Citizens of Skara Brae. Even the ships were crewed by common Citizens, fore many Sailors had been lost in the battles with evil.

Captain Angus was able to sail all four ships halfway around the world and delivered the much needed supplies to Lord Britishs Army. Prior to their return a small scout ship returned to Skara Brae and told Citizens of the bravery of the crews and of the success of their mission. The Craftsman and Citizens began planning a welcome home party but it became more then that.

Fore the word had pasted around Britain that the Lord British and his Army's had won their battle with evil and it was that he could not have done it with out the Craftsman and Citizens of Skara Brae. With in days Citizens from all over Britain started to arrive in Skara Brae wanting to buy bows and swords and those famed bandages that had help Lord British win his battles.

So even as Captain Angus and his brave crews sailed back to Skara Brae plans were under way to celebrate the victory, but the coming of Spring, the awaking from the evil times and the Crafts that saved the world.

So each dawn of spring on the 21st of March, The Craftsman and Citizens of Skara Brae celebrate two things, the defeat of evil and the role that they played and the coming of Spring. Skara Brae opens its doors to all Citizens of Britannia and display their fine wares and demonstrate their skills.