"Well met friend, do come in. The road ye hath journeyed seems to have been a long one."

"Where are ye? Ye finds yeself in the company of the Council of the Nine in the land of Britiania, shard o' Pacific."

"What is the Council of the Nine ye asks?"

"We are a council, of mages and hearty adventurers, scholars of the arcane and magic. We are dedicated to aiding those in need and ridding our fair land of the evil that has plagued it in recent times. Tis our responsibility to scribe and protect the Tome of Knowledge."

"What was that? Thou wouldst like to hear more? First, please do let me get ye to the fire."

"Are ye hungry, I'll fetch ye a plate of stew and a mug of warm spiced wine, then I'll tell ye 'bout our council. Then mayhaps ye might tell me of yer travels. Oh, I do so like a tale." . . .